A bridge across Homebush Bay, linking Rhodes and Wentworth
Point, was first identified in government planning documents as
early as 2002.

This early proposal was limited to pedestrian and cycle access.
In 2010 the major landowners from Wentworth Point put forward a new proposal to increase the bridge’s capacity to accommodate public transport.

Stretching more than 300m across Homebush Bay, the bridge will accommodate buses but will not be open to private vehicles. It will properly integrate Wentworth Point into Sydney’s public transport network and create a direct link to Rhodes railway station. It is also capable of carrying light rail in the future.

A key component of the Homebush Bay Bridge proposal is to provide the future capacity for public transport.

Establishing a bus connection between Rhodes and Wentworth Point, via the bridge would integrate Wentworth Point into the existing public transport network and provide a direct link to Rhodes railway station and Sydney Olympic Park.

The map shows the potential bus links, connecting communities to Homebush Bay Ferry Wharf, and Rhodes and Sydney Olympic Park railway stations. Buses could also provide access to Rhodes shopping Centre, the neighbourhood centres at Wentworth Point and the potential site of a future school, as well as sporting and entertainment facilities at Sydney Olympic Park.